We’re obsessed with the outcome!
We are multimers of a transformation process that make our partners more competitive and technologically.

We feel proud to say that we are generators of strong results and consequently increase EBITIDA margin.

Our solutions always integrate the entire production chain, bringing the corporate strategy to all areas, that means: the projects developed by US require greater effort and discipline, which through a co process, the goal is Meet all areas: production, quality, technology, security, logistics, maintenance, Marketing, financial, S&OP and customer service.

We develop our solutions with technological independence for global service, we do not create dependence with us or any other supplier.

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One of the major organizational challenges is to maintain its strategic coherence and its constitutional claims.

Our built solutions meet the strategic guidelines of our customers and help sustain their constitutional claims and GRI in a way that justifies the efforts in Capex and Opex. Engin

eering as a medium and not as an end!

Customized engineering solutions that integrate the strategy into all areas of the business.

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  • Engineering

    Electrical engineering, Mechanical engineering, process engineering and projectists.

  • Automation technology

    Automation of machinery and equipment, processes, supervisory systems and MES, factory floor automation, industrial networks. P

  • roduction team and Field

    Industrial electrical assembly, machinery mechanics and processes, manufacture of electrical panel

  • s. Information Technology

    BI systems, IIOT, augmented Reality, IT networks, systems integration, integration of industrial systems, dedicated apps and systems, IA applications and Machine Learn

  • ingdata Scientists

    Team directed to support the development of solutions, working with statistical and mathematical models for optimization, analysis of information, processes and machines

  • . Intelligence strategy

    Proven experience team in strategic market intelligence directed to understanding the need, providing support for the development of solutions that meet the strategic guidelines of the Company and industry and that help Tangibilize efforts in, Capex, generating results and increase in EBITDA.


We develop our projects in a way that accompanies the entire cycle of industrial projects, from its conceptual birth and analysis of technical and economic feasibility to the assisted operation, providing:

Conceptual, basic and executive projects.
Technical and economic assessments of industrial units.
Studies and special projects performing static simulations and process dynamics, structural analysis, pipeline flexibility analysis, electrical systems, instrumentation and control.

  • Qualitative risk analysis
  • LCM Troubleshooting
  • Project and Construction Management
  • Procurement and sourcing management
  • Process and manufacturing intelligence
  • Optimization and Performance of control system.
  • Control and supervision Systems (PLC/SCADA, DCS/SDCD)
  • Classification of Control meshes (SIL 1, SIL 2, SIL 3 and SIL 4). Tuv
  • Manufacturing and Process management systems (MES, PIMS and LIMS)
  • Technology Update/Retrofiting systems (machines and processes)
  • Industrial networks
  • Wirelless Certified Networks
  • Ethernet/Fiber Optic certified Networks
  • System Virtualization

We provide a complete portfolio of electrical panels.


  • Compact Armored Assembly – air insulation homologated in AES/Eletropaulo equipped with input, measurement and protection cubicles.
  • Distribution Panel – consisting of input and output cubicles, voltage class 15 or 17, 5kV, loss of continuity of service LSC2B, Isc 40kA-1s, In = 3,000 A, having as main devices extractable breakers, grounding switches, relays of Protection and Multimeters.
  • Motor Control Center – LSC2B, Isc 40kA-1s, In = 3,000 A, having as main devices extractable vacuum breakers, grounding switches, protection relays and extractable vacuum contactors; Consisting of input and output cubicles, voltage class 15 or 17, 5kV, loss of service continuity


  • Stationary pump Control Panels (1) consisting of a microprocessed control and signaling pump for fire fighting in 12 or 24V standard NFPA-20 with 12 starting attempts, which can be manual and automatic.
  • Pressurised panels (2) type Z or X conforming to standard NBR IEC 60079-2, for service to areas classified zones 1, 2, 21 and 22.


 Prefabricated substation tailored to meet the needs of the customer, mitigating risks and allowing greater flexibility.


  • Motor Control Center – Type 1 or 2 coordination, consisting of columns equipped with direct, reversible, conventional, intelligent, extractable or fixed starters, fixed starters with soft starter, fixed departures with frequency inverters, Feeders equipped with molded case circuit breakers and communication network.
  • Cargo distribution Center – consisting of loudspeakers equipped with Power breakers, molded case, fixed or extractable execution, multimeters and communication network.
  • Lighting Panel – consisting of speakers equipped with mini circuit breakers, contactors and circuit breakers molded case.
  • Control desks – Integrating automation devices and electrical drives for the most diverse applications.

LEED and/or ISO 50001:2011 certifications

  • Reduction and optimization of energy consumption, the system generates greater operational efficiency and decentralization of information.
  • Projects, analysis and implementation of alternative sources.
  • Projects and implementation of energy demand management systems.
  • Projects and implementation of systems Coogeneration, Solar and alternative sources
  • Projects and analysis of potential losses reduction and optimization resources, conceptual studies, feasibility studies and Payback.
  • Projects and implementation of the quality Seal of ISO 50001:2011 (energy efficiency) and/or LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certifications.
  • Electrical assembly of machines and processes.
  • Industrial and building electrical assembly.
  • Electrical assembly of lighting, strength and networks.
  • Electrical assemblies in SPDA, grounding and ATEX systems.
  • Assembly and electrical installations in the field.
  • Measurement of electrical quantities: active, apparent and reactive power, harmonics, power factor, KW/h.
  • Assembly of active filter systems/capacitor bank;
  • Substations, primary and secondary cabins.
  • SPDA and equipotential grounding.
  • Prevention of electrostatic discharges.
  • Safety Lighting
  • External illumination/Lighting
  • Industrial and building electrical assembly.
  • Management and supervision of works.
  • Specific services in inspection of panels such as-Built and thermography.
  • Insulation measurements.
  • Grounding/SPDA resistance measurements.
  • Contact resistance measurements.
  • Coordination and selectivity study.   
  • Structured cabling.
  • NR10 adequacies.

Industrial mechanical assemblies, meeting all standards and special requirements with their proper quality testing and certification for each area.

  • Manufacture and assembly of Manifolds,
  • CIP and PIG systems;
  • Hot and cold water network;
  • Cooling water network;
  • Steam and condensate network;
  • Compressed air and vacuum network;
  • Industrial gas network;
  • CO2 and other gas stations;
  • Industrial water network;
  • Fuel network;
  • Sanitary Stainless Steel NET – orbital weld
  • Sewage system;
  • Industrial wastewater system;
  • Sanitary sewage;
  • Fire fighting systems;
  • Measurement skids;
  • Hydrant Network:
  • Sprinkles
  • Epsumas system;
  • Oil and gas pipelines (Offshore and OnShore);
  • Transport and Mats;
  • Automotive and robotic systems;
  • Boiler systems, reactors and tanks;
  • Cooling towers;
  • Ventilation systems;
  • Pneumatic systems;
  • Installation, alignment and leveling of machinery and equipment;
  • Structures systems, Pipe Racks and overhead cranes;

Next-generation intelligence system, which not only offers excellent energy efficiency and cost savings, but also maximizes productivity and contributes to an overview of operational data, which is integrated with all controls Areas of work and logistics.

A system capable of offering in a single technology:

  • Air conditioner control,
  • Energy consumption
  • Fire control
  • Security and restricted access
  • Occupancy rate

Sensors in Lighting:

  • Occupancy rate Sensor
  • Humidity Sensor
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Lumens Sensor
  • Restricted Access Area information
  • Fire sensors

Progressive Dimmer:

The intelligent lighting system with the progressive Dimmer, allows an energy saving of 50% with respect to the lighting systems of common LEDs.

The system identifies the need for necessary lighting with the amount of Lumens in the environment and the occupancy rate of the site.

Change of luminosity not harmful and imperceptible.

The growing global competitiveness demands intelligent production facilities, combined with intelligent and flexible systems.

These systems should be adapted quickly and thus meet the ever increasing demand for diversity.

In addition to the installation, the simplest possible operation of the system plays an important role.

It is necessary to be able to monitor competitiveness, mastering the development of solutions around the culture and models of Industry 4.0,


  • Component Assembly
  • Loading and unloading machine
  • Laboratory tests and analyses
  • Product manipulation
  • Palletized Systems
  • Equipment and Product assemblies
  • Welding and cutting
  • Boxing
  • Pressing

And much more…

Integrated there is an IA and Machine Learning system.

The solutions must effectively contribute decisively to overcome the challenges in the industry, quickly and profitably.

Highly efficient robots, integrated with customized solutions and other devices and machines have established themselves as essential in production.


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We are open to negotiate remuneration models contemplating “Sucess Fees”, or any other non-conventional model, assuming with our partners the commitment to deliver the proposed benefits. In other words…

Dipsie Solutions puts your (commitment) on the line!

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