Ensure and protect productivity, reducing maintenance costs and unwanted downtime, constant effort in production improvements and generating Insights.

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Our developed solutions are always elaborated from larger objectives and institutional declarations of the company, being: Mission, vision and strategic corporate guidelines, marketing, commercial and customer relationship.

In an active way we will help to ensure the gains that the services offered by the division of DIPSIE SERVICE, fully fulfill its objectives while maintaining the “corporate strategic coherence” determined by our customers.


Maximize the utilization of existing systems, improving the quality of operation, generating cost reduction and integrating the information. (Increase in quality of life, sustainability, operational efficiency, cost reduction and EBITDA increase)


Giving the vision of how to increase the utilization of the existing structure, understanding the concept of improvements that can be applied with low effort and investment but that cause large positive impacts throughout the operational chain.


Solutions and technologies should be developed in order to leverage the existing infrastructure (hardware and software) in order to maximize its potential.

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Traditional model
of service Contracts
of technical assistance

The traditional models of maintenance contract, have high cost, because they create the link of emergency care, and often with dedicated people,


  • Team Contracts Fixa
  • contracts Man X hour by Atendime
  • ntcontract of call as Required Lar
  • ge stock of parts and parts

Contract model
Dipsie Solution

The traditional maintenance contract models have a high cost, as they create the emergency service bond, and often with dedicated people.


  • Punctual interventions (in a predictiv
  • e way)! Real-Time monitor
  • ing! Low stock parts and part
  • s! Resolve a possible problem before it happens!


Through our system, we do all the monitoring in real time. The X-Machine system covers all STAGES of maintenance, operation and Safe

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    ty X-Machine is intended for any economic activity that has a maintenance procedure and can be used by companies of any size, whether process or manufacture . It is the effe
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    ctive solution for cost reduction and increased productivity. Th
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    e platform allows the segmentation of users and individual vision of each team member and the results can be tracked through automatic reports and BI with executive data, allowing the visualization of information in real time and ensuring greater Assertiveness in decision-making.
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This technique is based on the principle that long before it presents a failure, an industrial machine emits small signals of deviation, initially subtle and subsequently of greater amplitude, which can be used for a premature diagnosis of the failure . The practice consists in the sensorization of the assets making available the measurements for an industrial analytical system capable of monitoring the asset in real time, combining the variances between variables, doing diagnostics and passing them to the management platform of the Maintenance (X-Machine).

The Maintenance Planner now has access to a robust diagnostic tool that directs interventions to the assets that are really close to presenting a defect.

With microprocessed sensors that perform readings of several variables, your data is sent to a cloud server, received and processed through mathematical modelling with Machine Learning techniques, which generate the probability of failures in Machines and alerts in real time to the determined people. The platform increases the availability and service life index of the equipment, significantly reducing the costs of preventive maintenance and unwanted downtime and long and programmed high-cost maintenances.

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  • Inventory

    Material stocks are optimized by logics that manage purchasing activity from the frequency of use of the items used in maintenance orders

  • . Reports

    Performance indicators (KPI’s) such as reliability, availability, and average time between failures (MTBF) are recorded in specific and customizable rep

  • orts. Service Order Management

    Main function of the platform, the management of service orders allows the opening, monitoring and closing of corrective and preventive orders with integral control over teams, materials and tooling. Backu

  • ps, documentation, and manuals

    The system allows you to store all documents, Backups and manuals which can be opened by reading QRCODE or downloaded from Backup on the mach

  • ine. Employee control

    Employee control, task execution and georeferenced position. Utili

  • ties Management – Machine Learning

    Through the readings of consumption of water, steam, gas, compressed air and electricity and using Machine Learning techniques, the system will point out deviations, gaps and opportunities for gains through insights informed by the system. In addition to performing the simple function of demonstrating the consumption of utilities

  • in real time. Tool control

    This is a register of tools used by the maintenance teams with allocation contro

  • l. Asset Management

    It is the registration of all equipment/assets of the plant, as well as components and accessories with the respective parameters, namely: Tag, serial number, criticality, location of installation, situation (active or in maintenance) and history record of maintenance Suffered.

  • Team management

    The X-Machine has a menu intended for the registration and management of all employees involved in the maintenance activities.



We are open to negotiate remuneration models contemplating “Sucess Fees”, or any other non-conventional model, assuming with our partners the commitment to deliver the proposed benefits. In other words…

Dipsie Solutions puts your (commitment) on the line!

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