A bit of our history

Meet Dipsie Solutions


A company with a young mindset, without fear of changing and innovating, able to dare amid the constraints of resources and to learn from its mistakes in a humble and energetic way!
We weren’t born to be just a good supplier. We exist to be a genuine partner and capable of sacrifices to build a sincere and long-term relationship.

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In April 2015, we started a new journey, we decided it was necessary to change and innovate!

A time of great ideas and euphoria, because it was born the project of building a differentiated company, and that, was not more engineering company, but a company of effective solutions, going far beyond the concepts of project development, integration of Industrial systems and assemblies.

The focus was to build a portfolio of solutions and services that would transform us into a company that delivers new technologies and effective results of increased productivity to our partners.

There was the clear image that, even in the light of the sizes of the projects that would come, our company needed to grow and organize itself to position itself as a supplier of credibility in engineering and industrial solutions and entrepreneurs fully adhering to Industry’s most modern concepts and practices 4.0.

Although we are a young company, we are born with our DNA loaded with best practices in corporate strategy and governance, items that put us in a clear competitive advantage by guaranteeing a full focus on the customer and the flexibility and dynamism of Mold our organization to always surprise the market.

We can certainly say that we are one of the few solutions companies to use strategic planning tools, BSC, OKR, NPS, multiple scenarios and more.


Increase the Profit (Ebtida) of our customers, delivering greater productivity, quality, energy efficiency and safety at all levels, through full integration between people, machines, products and new technologies.


To be recognized nationally and internationally, at the end of 2025, as a company that delivers results to its customers, 100% adherent to the modern concepts of Industry 4.0.



  • Simplicity

    The complexity of the system should be present only in the development of the solution, its use will be simple and intuitive, always providing the best experience for our customers.

  • Ideas

    We don’t waste ideas. To work, you have to test! And to evolve, you have to learn, right? That’s why we evaluate all the results together and we learn from each of them.


    We are obsessed with innovation, we are innovating at all times, focus on the future!


    We trade the competition for mutual help, that’s the only way!

  • Freedom: The partner is good! Then you don’t need an exclusive contract!

    We are proud to say that we have the freedom to work with any kind of technology, without contracts that oblige us and arrest us to certain brands, this allowed us to work with multiple partners offering and delivering solutions each Increasingly complex.

  • Blacksmith’s house, the skein has to be iron! Agree?

    We cannot offer our customers technological and innovative solutions and make use of traditional solutions, our mental model and our tools must always be ahead of the most modern in the world, our obligation is co trends and innovation and Not just follow them.

  • Transformation

    Before you want to change the world, we need to transform ourselves.


    We support each other, we trust in team friends, the weather is world Championship final party, we are partying, but we need to give everything from us to achieve the result!



    We believe and follow the good manners, such as: respectability, honor, seriousness, dignity and commitment.

  • Truth

    Truth and transparency in everything we do!

  • Love

    Because we love what we do and what we do! We feel proud to create, develop and implement solutions that go beyond profit… Our solutions improve the quality of life.

  • Perseverance

    The challenges and difficulties are many, isn’t it? Regardless of them, we always keep ourselves form in our values, work and in our capacity.

  • Faith

    More than we believe, we have faith in our work and in its outcome. We continually exploit our ability to limit.

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